Sunday, 17 February 2008

An A Weigh Day

I'm really glad to say that I'm now 7lb [maybe 10lb] lighter than at Christmas. The doubt about the 3lb difference is down to not weighing myself until several days after the start of my change of eating habits. I found an old blouse at the back of the wardrobe which I'd not worn for 3 years. I had nearly thrown it out as far too tight. It fits again - a little snugly but presentable.

Monday will be my next 'official' weigh day. I weigh myself each morning as soon as I'm out of bed. But the Monday weigh-in is the only one which is recorded in my diary. A bit like the FTSE 100 the numbers on the scales are inclined to 'flirt' on and off with the next magic number appearing fleetingly over a few days before it becomes the regular measurement. Then I start to aim for the next 'magic' number. Perhaps like the share prices I should have the days high and low recorded.

We've had a few of our now 'usual' problems. MyMan's mood has taken a down turn again after the brief respite over the Christmas and new year holidays. He is in much pain - it is stopping him from doing what he wants to do - and making him very unsociable again. He refuses to take pain medication as he wants to 'save it' for when he really needs it. I wonder whether he means next Christmas. He has withdrawn into himself. He is short tempered and crabby to live with.

This has just highlighted how much I allow his mood to affect me. And the fact that I turn to food for comfort. I'm finding it very hard not to cheer myself up with a cake or some chocolates. I have opened a bottle of red wine; a 'medicinal' treat which should last a week. I must find other pleasures that do not involve food. I wonder whether my mother is to blame. Her and the medics. I'm beginning to think that as a child I must have been given a food based treat everytime I fell over and hurt myself. Just as the doctor gave me a sweet after every innoculation.

I'm planning a break away with an old friend and ex work colleague. A trip in the autumn back to Gloucestershire. A chance to meet with old friends/colleagues. But I do not want to be seen as 30lbs heavier than 10 years ago. I hold this thought in my mind to try and maintain my determination. I will treat myself to a massage when I have lost another 7lbs.

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Almost American said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Isn't it amazing the difference half a stone can make in the way clothes fit?!