Sunday, 15 April 2007

Respite Break Away

Now my man has had a bad few weeks. His medication for depression was changed and it was not a change for the better. 8 weeks adjusting to new pills which had adverse effects and then 4 weeks to come off them and get back to where he was prior to the change. Along with the problem that he has with pain management [he has a chronic back/neck problem following a road traffic accident in 2001] it is thought that some of his 'depression' symptoms may be worsened by withdrawal from the effects of codeine. So one way and another he [and I] are in a catch 22 situation. To manage the pain he ends up tired and lethargic; once the pain is under control he reduces the co-codamol but then ends up irritable and with flu like symptoms from codeine withdrawal. As the psychiatrist said - it's 'no wonder he's depressed' with constant pain. One factor that has improved over the last 3 years - he isn't going daft which is what I first thought. No, he was also diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. Now, after much trial and error, the right level of thyroxine has been ascertained and prescribed for 10 months. He is less confused. So I feel able to leave him for a break away to catch up with friends and family in the south east England. Not that I feel entirely confident but we each need a break from the other. I hope that with some peace and quiet to himself he'll manage to muster reserves of energy; enough to feed and take care of himself for a short while.

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