Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Preparing to Leave

We are both feeling a bit strained. My man is having to concentrate on what he needs to do to eat and cope alone for a couple of weeks. He seems more tired than of late and suddenly I'm worried - 'should I cancel the trip'? My sister-in-law and local friends have offered to assist but my man (MM) wants to be 'left alone'. In fact he says he is looking forward to some solitude. He'll enjoy the peace and quiet and not having me 'wittering on'. I suppose I'm his security blanket and he's probably a bit anxious about my leaving. It will give his confidence a boost to find out that he's now able to look after himself again - as he used to in the past.

It's just that we have new telephones. When I'm home he doesn't take much notice of how they work for messages and storing numbers etc. - but with me away he'll want to keep in touch. He's having to take in how they work and what my mobile phone number is etc. With his concentration levels on the low side it is hard for him. I've been writing notes on how to work the DVD and the Oven. The freezer is full. He wont starve. But I've a feeling he'll exist on toasted snacks. He may not see much fresh veges for a few days!

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