Thursday, 10 January 2008

A New Year Report

Christmas and new year was wonderful. Far better than I had expected. I didn't decorate the house other than to buy a couple of festive poinsettias to pop amongst my lush plant collection. Christmas cards were placed around many surfaces along with mementos, ornaments, pots and clocks of which I have many. It looked cosy enough. And with clever lighting quite festive. The clever lighting also hid the dust. We were far more social than I had anticipated. MyMan was like Rip Van Winkle coming to life after a L O N G S L E E P.

He remained positive into the new year.

He was doing well until this week. Until his first of three appointments at the dentist to have 2 of 5 teeth removed. The dentist has told him the diseased teeth could well be having an impact on his physical health. We hope that when they are all out he will feel better for it. But, as it is, he has swollen face, face pain and his neck has been buggered up by the dentists efforts to extract the teeth. He'll go to have deep tissue massage next week to prepare his neck for the onslaught of having the remaining teeth out. It's hard for him to remain positive 'at the moment' but I hope that by February/March we'll be back on track for a brighter more positive year.


Stinking Billy said...

Penny, I almost wish I hadn't called by today. Just when I had myself convinced that I had nothing to worry about at my dentist's on the 21st.

I said 'almost' because, while I sympathise with your man (who wouldn't?), I am determined to live up to my reputation as the strong, silent type, and just a modest hero. (Gulp).

Casdok said...

I hope he does feel better after the work is done. The anticipation of it dosnt help, im sure.

maz said...

Aw penny (((Hugs))) all round during this latest test of patience - TEETH!!

Nothings ever easy is it?

maz x

Poetess said...

I am so pleased that you both had a great Christmas. I can sympathise about the dentist. it always upsets my neck and menieres.

Hope he improves quickly.


aims said...

The dentist could be on the right track there. I had all my silver fillings removed and white ones put in. Not because I am vain - but because the medical profession believes that the silver fillings have something to do with mental health. The government paid for it all - that's how much they believe in it!

It was an amazing process - and one that Stinking Billy might cringe at - but I do believe it has made an enormous difference.

So - hopefully - it will make a difference with your man.

Just wanted to add that after Henry from North London suggested adding fish oil...that my brother added it to his Truehope vitamin routine and I see an incredible improvement in his mental health.

I'm not pushing Truehope vitamins for them - just have seen such fantastic results. Even if you don't go with their vitamins (I know they are expensive) - at least adding megavitamins to your man's diet and the fish oil! - might be of some help.

Hope he's feeling better sooner than later - and that you are too!

david mcmahon said...

Hope he's feeling better now ....

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Happy New Year m'dear. Great to read that you had a good time and that your man is improving. I was away from blogging for a time and only just caught up with your posts. It was heartwarming to read your positive posts. Long may this change in direction continue.