Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Joy

Well, I'm very pleased to say MyMan has timed a recovery very well this year. His new evening pill is really making a difference. Rather than not socialising at all we attended a drinks party yesterday evening for 2 hours. He enjoyed himself talking to people he hasn't seen for over 4 years.

In half an hour we have friends popping in to share a light lunch of turkey sandwiches and Christmas cake. This day is turning out much better than I would have guessed a few days ago. I am just posting this while I sit in front of my light box (I am so short of sleep I need a boost) and I can hear MyMan laughing aloud at the Radio 4's I haven't A Clue Team's pantomime 'Humph in Wonderland'.

Best wishes to you all


Henry North London said...

Bump up that fish oil to 1 gram of EPA equivalence a day and you'll see more than joy you'll see motivation and planning ahead.

maz said...

Hi again!

Does the light box work?

I'm feeling the lack of sleep catching up again and wondered!


maz x