Thursday, 18 September 2008

Singing the Blues

Well, I am 'safe home' once again. We are finding it hard, MyMan and I, to adjust to each others ways once again.

While away visiting family I've been talking and laughing a great deal. I've been listening to music and dancing around. I've been mixing with crowds in Croydon. I've drunk wine. Sat up late into the early hours, talking and listening, listening and talking. Conversation. So many interesting things to do, places to see, people to talk with. MyMan said the 'utter peace ' while I was away was lovely. Not to have the washing machine running. No noise from the vacuum cleaner. No radio unless he chose to listen to it. He talked to only one person in the 10 days I was away. It is so quiet here I can hear the field mice breathing in the loft.

Whenever I rang to check how he was coping he told me how "so very tired" he was having to do all the meals and the day to day chores of bed making, washing up. He found it "exhausting having to do everything" for himself. He was looking forward to my return home.

I am finding it soul destroyingly hard to re-adjust to the quietness. To the depressing outlook on 'life'. I returned home with a windchime. MyMan is not at all happy at the "racket it will make". It is supposed to hang in the north west corner to bring good Feng Shui to our home. To bring us 'Peace and Harmony'. Against his better judgement it is now hanging in the porch. I await the peace and harmony to descend on our household. May it be soon.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Abandon Ship

I'm getting ready to abandon ship. I'm jumping overboard. I'm going up to see my sister. I'll also visit a nephew who has recently been told that at the end of his traineeship with one of the top law firm's in London that he has a job. I'm not surprised. I'm proud of him and biased I know. A second younger nephew is safely back from his travels experiencing 'extreme sports' down under in Malaysia and Australasia. I'll be packing a couple of bottles for us to celebrate.

I've also acquired a cinecam and have found out how to operate it. And then how to get the movie on to my laptop. I've also bought a Dongle for web connection while I'm on my travels. I'm taking so many chargers, leads and connections I need a separate suitcase to cope with them all. I'm all set to film and research the area in which I'd like to live. I'm going to try a sales pitch when I return home.

I'm all set to laugh drink and be merry. After a week with my little sister I move on to the south coast to meet up with a nice niece for Sunday lunch and to visit an Aunt on Monday.