Monday, 1 November 2010

Letting the Train Take the Strain

It may be an age thing but this year the long journey to Surrey was very tiring. It was a sunny hot day in May and being a Friday I had many traffic hold ups. I'd left home 2 hours later than planned.Marooned on the drive the bonnet latch locked while the hood was half opened I had to be rescued by the local mechanic who didn't arrive till 8.45 a.m. I wasn't feeling at my best which didn't help either.

On my return home I decided that for my nephew's November wedding in Richmond, London I would travel by rail. I've not travelled by rail for nearly 30 years. In those long ago days days it was a train trip there and back. No changes needed and no need to negotiate the complexity of Clapham Junction. So I planned a 'trial train trip'.

The first challenge was in finding out the cheapest way to travel by train. Such a complex system. What was the difference between an First Anytime Single ticket (at £90.30 or £95)and the 'Cheapest First Class single' at £90.30? I quickly found that if I had a Senior Railcard I would get a discount. And another discount if I bought tickets well in advance of travel date.

A planned trip to see family in Croydon was arranged for the total cost of £32 return, travelling First Class with SWTrains. Cheaper than a tankful of petrol. I'd try it.

I was bored and stiff by the time I reached Salisbury an hour and a half later. I was regretting not going by car. I reminded myself that it was to be a relaxing trip and cheaper. And I have to admit by the time I arrived I was far less tired. 

MyMan was left alone for only 2 days.  Although he didn't eat any of the meals I'd left for him; existing only on soup/sandwiches (and cakes he'd bought from the bakers) I wasn't away long enough for him to come to harm through a less than perfect diet.

For my next trip I have an audio book loaded on my new iPhone and can be entertained as I watch the scenery flash by. Or I could play Bejewelled, Angry Birds or even Omar Sharif's Bridge.

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karen said...

I would like to take a train somewhere. I hope I can someday. I took a short sightseeing trip once but that was it. Playing Bejeweled sounds like a plan. When I was working at driving a bus I would play Bejeweled or Tetus while waiting at stops.