Monday, 9 November 2009

Positively Negative

He feels so ill MyMan. His symptoms are so wide ranging and varied. A few of them are: fatigue, breathlessness, palpitations, sore throat, swallowing difficulties, extreme tiredness, indigestion, constipation, dire rear, back pain, neck pain, trembling, weak leg muscles, headaches, deafness, loss of balance, blurred vision, voracious hunger or loss of appetite. Moods swings and memory problems have been well talked about in older posts so I wont go over those again.

At the moment he is 'twitchy' and anxious. I know some of it is due to his concern that he will be 'unlucky' in that the injections into his spine will not work. Or worse, that something will go wrong and he'll be worse off than he is now. He is convinced that nothing will go right for him. I try to suggest that his negative attitude will not help him. That there is every chance he'll be pain free after the injections. The doctor told him it could last for months. But it all appears to fall on deaf ears. He goes for the procedure on Friday.

I'm trying to visualise a positive outcome. I'm working as hard as I can. I need to in order to overcome his negativity.


karen said...

Good luck. I do hope it works. I pray it does . It will.

maz said...

hi, it's sometimes so very difficult to keep positive while the person you care for is drowning in negative thoughts isn't it!
Keep strong!

maz x

merry weather said...

Yes, good luck and please keep strong, dear Lady T.
I followed the link and so I will do my best to send prayers/good energy for you and your man tonight.

I've been the fortunate recipient of many prayers and good vibes during this "difficult" year. I don't know what to say further but, heck, it's really helped me, not just with mental strength but in practical ways too.

I hope and wish the same for you. Hugs X

Robert said...

I know all about trying to keep a positive attitude when all around are preaching doom & gloom! It's difficult!

I expect MM has got anticipatory anxiety about the procedure. I hope it goes smoothly and the results exceed MM's expectations.

ladythinker said...

Thank you all very much for your comments and kind thoughts.
He is now home, looking black and blue with little vampire like puncture marks - he has been told to take it easy for a couple of days and to fill in a pain diary for 3 days.
Fingers crossed.