Friday, 23 October 2009

My Favourite Osteopath

My favourite osteopath is Tony Nevin. He was the first person I tried for manipulative therapy back in the early 1990s. I can remember how different I felt after my first treatment: balanced and several inches taller. I also felt incredibly relaxed and spaced out. It was how I imagined I would feel if I had smoked some funny baccy or chewed on a magic mushroom. Wonderful, relaxed, happy with heightened perception.

He used to tell such wonderfully funny stories too. I can remember when he first started to treat animals at the local wildlife centre. He was interviewed by BBC radio while he treated a badger. It became so relaxed it fell asleep. Tony could barely be heard above the badger's snoring.

I would go to him now if I still lived in Gloucestershire.


Elephant Boy said...

hi there, I'm still working in Cheltenham and Stroud, and also treating animals. Just back from a trip to Kenya working on ele's and rhino.
Very flattered by your comments too.
Best wishes

ladythinker said...

Tony - very nice of you to comment. Best wishes to you too