Sunday, 9 August 2009

I Require an Energy Boost

I need an energy boost. Besides ferrying MyMan to and from his hospital appts I'm thinking and using my memory bank for the 2 of us. Trying to keep an eye on his drug management (he's taken back control of his medibox again but needs a discrete eye kept on it); motivating him to attend appointments, motivating him to do a few basic tasks, reminding him once more what the Drs have said, reminding him to rest, or to take exercise, to do this or do that, then I have to see to household cleanliness, laundry, shopping, cooking.

Even though I draw up a weekly planner occasionally balls get dropped. He then gets impatient with me as 'we've not done' such and such . . . He can't understand why I feel so very tired sometimes. That to me, maybe 'such and such' wasn't high on my list of priorities.

Why is his memory so inconveniently good - sometimes?

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Cranky Carer said...

Hi, It is just so difficult, isn't two lives all the time, not only being another's memory but also chauffeuse, cook, bottlewasher, secretary, accountant, counsellor, entertainer...I could go on.

The appointments are so time consuming too: whereas at one time there was only one set of appointments (for doctor, dentist, optician)to attend now that is doubled.

Thank goodness there is this site on which to let off steam and share the feelings.

Just trying to think up some positive aspects of being a carer. Although I normally don't watch much TV, living with a virtually housebound husband has alerted me to the fact that there are some good programmes. For example we have just watched 'The Big Questions' and jolly good it was too...with loads of controversial responses to the topical and provocative questions.

So that's one plus I have flagged up!

Have just been thinking of the old saying:

'Two men looked through prison bars one saw mud the other stars.'

and trying get my telescope in focus!

Best wishes,