Sunday, 9 August 2009

Shocking Acupuncture

This weeks trip to the NHS Acupuncture clinic led to MyMan have needles inserted into his neck muscles and then connected to an electricity supply. The Dr warned him that he is likely to feel 'off' for a few days. He still thinks it is 'mumbo jumbo'. Everything he reads on the subject highlights the fact that 50% patients treated do not feel any benefit. I raise the other side of the coin that therefore 50% must feel some beneficial effects. He isn't impressed by my reasoning.

I can't figure out why all the things he used to love about me: my sense of humour, my independence, my practicality, my capabilities, my logical brain, my dreamy nature, my rose tinted specs, my spontaneous flexibility, my optimism - are all an increasing irritant to him.

I feel as if I could plug him into the mains supply myself very soon. I warn him that if he doesn't calm down he may spontaneously combust.

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Cranky Carer said...

Chatting to an acupuncturist friend today,I asked him 'what works in acupuncture?'

Rather to my surprise he answered 'it's the rapport built up between therapist and patient.' 'So nothing to do with technique of where you place the needles?' 'That seems to be less important', he responded.

I was really surprised. I can understand relationship being vital in the 'talking therapies' but hadn't thought it important in acupuncture.