Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Form of Relief

MyMan went to see the doctor this morning. He has bad sinus problems and doesn't know how to deal with it after his recent nasal haemorrhage. He had a bad day yesterday and couldn't connect his thinking or speech at all well. I thought he would want my assistance. But he insisted on seeing the doctor alone this morning.

I was surprised and kind of relieved to hear that MyMan also told him some of his worry about short term memory and comprehension problems. MyMan even told him that I was also concerned. And that "she's the most sensible, pragmatic and grounded person I know". Is that another kind of compliment?

The doctor is going to refer him for tests.


rosiero said...

I am glad he is going for tests - at least you'll either know what you are dealing with or be relieved it's nothing serious. As for the compliment - I expect Myman appreciates all you do even if he doesn't always show it!!

Robert said...

Like rosiero, I'm sure that he appreciates you, too. I hope that there's nothing to worry about.

Henry North London said...

Some Co Q10 and some Omega 3

Hope it goes ok

ladythinker said...

Thank you all for your comments.