Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bloody Waste of Time

A quiet Christmas, an even quieter New year yet still that bloody nose would suddenly erupt. I practically forced bed rest on him. Anything that might give us a few days clear of the bleeding nuisance. I went out earlier this week for hair appointment. Five minutes after I had left he had a gusher.

He called for an ambulance and was carted off once again to RD&E hospital. When I came home and found an empty house I didn't rush over to Exeter. I played it low key. I put my shopping away, made coffee, checked the post then rang to see what was happening. He was being examined by an ENT specialist. I still didn't rush over to be with him. Eventually he rang to say he was being admitted for an overnight stay. I then rushed over with all I considered essential to a man enjoying B&B courtesy of the NHS. He didn't want half of it. I forgot a bar of soap.

I think if I'd been with him in A&E they might have thought once again "she looks sensible" and sent him home under my tender care. For some reason medics tell me "you seem a sensible woman" - I'm not sure if it's a compliment or not. I can think of better. That's why I didn't rush over. I didn't want to influence their decision.


Henry North London said...

Sorry to hear things are bad

Robert said...

The nose business isn't good, but you do get to have a little time to yourself, don't you?

DogLover said...

Sorry to read of your husband's continuing problem - it must be rotten for each of you.

I did try to be sympathetic - had a nosebleed myself, for the first time for years!!! It lasted two days and I stopped taking the daily aspirin (prescribed for heart problems) and it went away. If only your husband's problem was so mild and so easily treated.

ladythinker said...

Thanks -Nice to hear from you Henry.
Thanks Robert - you're right - every cloud has a silver lining!
How horrid for you doglover, I'm glad the cessation of asprirn cured the problem.