Sunday, 24 February 2008

I'm Still Rolling Along ...

I'm still rolling along ... I ended up with a hacking wheezing rattly cough. A cough and dry throat which stopped me from sleeping for most of the week. I felt exhausted. Every breathe I took made me sound as if I had an '80- a- day' habit. After a few days it eventually started to clear - now I have a streaming cold. That I can live with. It's the coughing that has been so very wearying. My chest and diaphragm muscles have had an incredible work out.

A few weeks ago I made MyMan change his massage appointment. He'd made a date to have his regular deep tissue massage on my birthday. He usually needs at least 24 hours to recover and I didn't want to spend another birthday alone with no one around to help me celebrate. All my close local friends are currently touring the wilds of south Africa, on a Caribbean cruise, or exploring the depths of south America. I was hoping that at least MyMan and I would be able to go out for a short while to the local pub for lunch.

In the event I slept on and off for the majority of the day. Only opening my cards and presents mid afternoon. I've had some lovely cards - for me as aunt, niece, cousin, sister, friend, someone special and Wife - all telling me how special I am. I also had a few texts/email messages from other folk who have been laid up with various viruses or chest infections and unable to shop or post cards along with text wishes from those travelling abroad. It was good to be remembered by so many people.

I had started to think of an informal party to celebrate my 60th next year. But if this chest infection had hit when I'd planned a 'Bit of a Do' - I would be extremely peeved. Perhaps I'd better just leave it to an ad hoc arrangement nearer the date. Meanwhile I still have a 'birthday lunch' to look forward to - maybe in a few weeks...

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maz said...

Happy Birthday - belatedly!

I hope you did get that nice lunch!

maz x