Saturday, 9 February 2008

Comfort Foods

Yes - the diet has been going really well. My large clothes have started to have spare spaces again. They are not as voluminous as previously but are definitely looser. As I hadn't taken much notice of the weight creeping on I have no idea what I weighed when I started to diet. I lost a few pounds before I started to weigh myself daily. Sometimes hourly! I know I shouldn't but when I'm struggling it does help concetrate my mind. Since I have been keeping a tally I know I have lost 7lbs. So maybe it is more like 10+lbs overall.

I've managed to reduce bread, cakes, biscuits to almost zero consumption. I really miss my toast and marmalade.I rewarded myself with a toast for breakfasta few days ago. But it left me hungry and looking for food for the rest of the day. Not a treat that I'll repeat in a hurry. I've increased the fruit and vegetable content. I keep an eye on reduced fat content. No wine.

Now to cope with the deprivation I have bought a small stash of treats: low calorie choc biscuits (Kitkats/Penguins). I'm the kind of dieter that likes to have something nice and unnecessary. I think about it and check that I really, really do want to eat it today. Imagine my irritation when, after thinking about a treat for 5 days and deciding that yes this was the day I'd have something, finding they had all been eaten. Eaten by MyMan.
MyMan who claims he desperately needs to lose weight . Yet who is still on full rations of all the usual foods. Who still eats toast, cakes, biscuits, cereals and puddings. He knows the choc bars are not for him. He claims he doesn't really like them. He wants me to stop buying them. Well, I don't intend to. I'll buy a mouse trap and put that in the pot where I keep my treats. That'll teach him. Meanwhile, I have 4 packs of Iced Gems (approx 100 cals). They should be safe as he still has a sore mouth and gums after his visits to the dentist.


Robert said...

I'm afraid that my attitude to food is the same as your man's. I wish it was more like yours.

Btw, the pic you see was taken in 1999. Today's pic would require an extra column! (lol)

Potty Mummy said...

I admire your willpower in being able to have the chocolate in the house and not just look at it every hour or so... and then take a bite, to make sure that it was still OK... and then finish the bar, just to check that the rest of it tasted as good as the first bit...

lady thinker said...

That's very honest of you Robert.
Potty mummy - if I do start to weaken I have been known to break chocolate up and store it in box in freezer. One piece popped into mouth straight from freezer takes ages to melt and satisfies that choco craving moment.