Saturday, 1 December 2007

Another Break Away

I'm off to the south east to visit family. The fridge is full of yoghurts, easy meals and healthy fruit. MyMan only has to graze and to remember to take his pills properly while I am not around. He craves peace and quiet. It will be interesting to find out if that is really what he wants. We'll know in a weeks time.

Meanwhile I will be looking around the Surrey area and wondering if, after 36 years, it would be good for us to move back closer to family. No more post here until after December 10th.


Henry North London said...

I have written rather informative post today ( December 4th) I suggest you get your man on to high dose Omega 3( fish oil) the EPA and the DHA rich ones

healthdirect ( google)or natures best and try to give him a gram of EPA a day...

Seriously it will make him better.

You can tell from my posts that from October onwards I recovered . I was taking four capsules of supermarket Omega 3 fish oil a day

I am now taking 8 until I get my new batch of high strength ones

At least give it a try You might get a new man!

aims said...

Have popped in again for a visit - and see that things are not progressing well for you both at all.

I think the week away for you is the very best idea. It's obvious you have become depressed with being the major care giver.

Please note Henry's suggestion. I made the first comments about the megavitamins to him..and after watching my friend come from a drooling idiot to a high-speed self-employed entrepreneur...and also to see my brother improve as well by taking them. He was so depressed he couldn't look after himself either. He takes 8 megavitamins a day and is so much better - it's marvelous to see.

Do they have home-care nurses that will come around and give you a break? Is that a possibility? You obviously need it - and it is good for you. For you!

When they said - this is it - please don't believe them - there is always hope somewhere. There is - really.

I myself am living proof that once the desire is sparked - you can change your life. I too was told I would always be like that - and I vowed to prove them wrong. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how to give your husband that desire - but I know changes can be made.

With every good wish.....

lady thinker said...

Thanks Hewnry will follow up with this. Like the idea of anew man!

Good to see you Aims. We are progressing will post entry soon. I just get impatient sometimes. Thanks.