Friday, 14 September 2007


Henry was kind enough to leave his professional opinion the other day [?week] on my entry Black Dog Days in the comments section. He thought MyMan should have been on a regime of Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine.
Well that's what has been tried over the last xx months. MM was started on the Venlafaxine nearly 2 years ago. He always 'felt' it wasn't working. But if it was reduced he would become worse - so it was obviously doing something, but.... Then Mirtazipine was added earlier this year. He had a bad reaction to that so had to be reduced to lower dose. However, it did help somewhat with his insomnia. Now he is on something that he calls his 'Escapism' pills - an SSRI. He feels more alert brain wise and is showing some return to his normal humorous self. But it is slow and we both feel a bit disheartened when he suddenly has a Black Dog Days. But the psychiatrist could see a definite improvement before MM even had chance to speak. We were reassured that improvement isn't a steady upward process ... with no looking back. The 'escapism pills' are to be increased a wee bit and then to see what the reaction is to sleep patterns if the Mirtazapine is discontinued. If he comes off that with no return of the insomnia then the esapism pills can be increased a bit more. A period of juggling and re-adjustment to go through yet. MM has been advised to continue with the counselling sessions. If nothing else they do help back up some of my points about his being too stubborn or bloody minded [keeping pills to a bare minimum] or not being kind enough to himself [continuing to try and do everything as he used to when fitter and younger - a perfectionist]. He listens more to the counsellor than he does to me!
As it is when Black Dog revisits there are some signs that he doesn't stay around for quite so long. But attending medical appointments is guaranteed to bring one on within a few hours. The sooner we can get him sorted and reduce the number of times we have to talk to doctors about his mental and physical health, the healthier it will be for the both of us.


Henry North London said...

oooh dear I really hit the nail on the head there didnt I?

Glad to hear he is getting a bit better, the fact that he is reacting a little faster though is a very good sign.

When you're unwell you want relief fast and when it doesn't come, now! this point in time, then its highly frustrating believe me I know.

Keep going and remember the darkest time is just before dawn

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Hi, thanks for your comment over at 'our place'.

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time - compounded by the losses you've suffered.

You seem to be a very compassionate person, and to be putting so much energy into looking after and worrying about your husband. Have you considered a moment of selfishness, and just getting a dog, regardless of your husbands views? It may just be what you both need, and would give you another positive focus.

Tilly's a life-line to me at the moment, and it's lovely that I can help her too. A truly synergistic relationship!

lady thinker said...

Hello Henry - more soon in a new post.
Hello Graham - yes am sometimes VERY tempted but ... also we have a very large garden with insecure boundaries - will cost a lot to fence and badgers tear down the fencing anyway - so also have practical problems to overcome. I rather fancy a smaller lap dog type this time and the gaps under the hedges would be ideal 'great escape' zones.