Wednesday, 11 July 2007

On A Count of TENS

We managed to get out together this morning. My Man purchased a pair of shoes from the sale rack. We both love a bargain. He needed some slippers but none were available in his size. That means he will have to go shopping again. Good - he needs to be out more often. Otherwise he'll end up with agoraphobia as well. He had manipulation a few days ago - so is able to move a little more easily today. He wore a TENS machine while he was out. It helps to mask the discomfort. We were out for just over an hour. It's a shame it was raining again. But it meant that we could call in for a coffee and watch the world go by. It went by under umbrellas of all shapes and sizes - just like the people carrying them.


Poetess said...

Great, this is good news this morning. I hope you have many more of these outings. Cognative Therapy Behaviour is supposed to be very good for poeople who suffer with agraphobia.

Super News


Mary Landrieu said...

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