Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Caring About Loved Ones

I was pondering the title for this blog last night. In some ways I wanted to imply that I was a careless carer and would care less in future. Difficult - especially where love is involved. Why is it that when you have troubles in life - life keeps on happening and dumps even more in your lap.It's almost as if life will test you to breaking point. I see that Rachel now has the worry of her mother's stroke . She will probably worry far more over her mother than she has over any of her recent problems. It will be a really testing time for her. I hope she takes time out to 'be kind to herself' - to relax - to meditate - whatever helps her through. She is a strong lady. She'll need that inner strength. Life really is a bitch sometimes: but the alternative is worse. In the same way that not to have a loved one to care for would be a rather sterile existence.

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Rachel said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts. Mum is making good progress and we are very proud of her.