Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Blue Badge Holder

My Man still refuses to compromise. I can't disagree. I too would be fiercely independent. I am. When my back goes into a sudden acute spasm I'll continue to dress myself - so very slowly. Often using a back scratcher to hoist my knickers up. Along with other little tricks I've learnt over the years how to manage. But once I've rested the torn ligaments, the over tense muscles and recovered enough to stand upright once more - then I am back to normality. I don't know how stubbornly independent I would be if everyday was going to be the same relentless grind of coping with pain. He has a Blue Badge which means that on the rare times he does go out he could park in a disabled bay. But as he isn't " in a wheelchair" he doesn't feel justified in using it. It would mean less walking to the shop he needs to visit. It would save a great deal of his energy which rapidly dwindles when he has to walk anywhere. But no.
We have to go to town soon to buy some new shoes and clothes. I'll probably drop him off outside the shop then go and park and rush back to help him. One day I'll be brave. I'll drop him off then go and park in the disabled area - place the permit on view and just hope that he'll be far too relieved not to have a long walk to the car park when his shopping is completed.
Just to think that there are fit young folk who abuse the system by using other peoples badges. Just so they can park up for easy access to a football match. When I remember this I get annoyed that My Man could make his life [and mine] a bit easier by being more realistic and less independent.


Poetess said...


There are so many people who abuse this. Then on the other hand there are those who glare at you because you are using one and you look "normal".

If only people were less judging and if only we were easier on ourselves. But pride is painful.


me 'n mine said...

i too have a blue badge for my torn ligament. sometimes i am brave and stare life in the face and use it. when feeling defiant (and not wanting to admit that i need it) i don't use it. using it forces you to accept that who you were is not who you are now and none of us want to do that. i certainly don't. because then we feel we have given in to it instead of fighting it. which is worse? fighting it or admitting to it? both are mentally challenging so i do understand your man - though i also understand your needs too.