Friday, 21 September 2012

Feeling Guilty

I've been sounding off about MyMan this afternoon. He has been in an unbelievably morose mood, fretful and aggressive. Now he is fast asleep. I've been able to sneak off and do several jobs that he promised he would see to. Vacuuming living room, cleaning car windscreen before it rains (to clear it of greasy smeary deposit) and to rearrange bathroom cupboards.

Sat down with a cuppa and read a couple of blogs. Feeling guilty again as so many things here sound familiar. I think MyMan may have vascular dementia. The Eye Consultant told us he has some areas of ischaemia showing on his MRI scan. We'll know more when we attend Neurology clinic again in November

When we initially attended the Neurology appointment MyMan wanted me to be there only in the capacity of note taker. He was in an independent mood. It was a very unsatisfactory appointment as I was wrong footed from the word go. MyMan failed to say who I was as I trailed in after him or to ask if it would be allright for me to accompany him. I knew then he was 'struggling' before he'd even started. The consultant ignored me and asked him "who's this?" reply "my wife";  no explanation of carer role or the need to listen in due to his appalling short term memory.

The consultant appeared to have made up his mind before he even asked MM any questions on his symptoms. Neurologist is convinced that he has clusters of different types of migraine (many without headaches) one after the other. All leading to the light sensitivity, sight problems, sound over-sensitivity, smell/taste problems and poor sense of balance. I did ask, as we'd agreed on this beforehand, whether any of his symptoms could be due to a form of dementia. The consultant was abrupt to the point of rudeness when he said not and I felt quite cowed for asking.

So cowed in fact that I failed to mention the other baffling symptoms that worry me.

In the end he recommended that MM increase Pregabalin to a much higher dose to reduce pain, improve sleep and hopefully halt the continuous cycle of migraines.

As it is we are now almost a year on and rather than any sign of improvement he is worse. We are due to go to see the family doctor again But this time we will go with armed with a long list of the symptoms he has and ask the Dr whether the neurologist would still consider everything be due to migraines.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Adopted Angel

Dear Cats Protection,

Just a short postcard from my new home. I think I will be quite happy here once this heat wave is over and I can venture outside to explore. As it is all the windows are locked on trickle. Phew!! I've examined all windows intently but however thin I am there's no way I can squeeze thro any of the gaps.

Meanwhile I keep the 'hoteliers' on their toes by finding new hiding places. The top of the tall bookcase was the best. I knew they wouldn't find me for AGES because of the amount of dust up there!

The beds are comfortable (I have 3 favourite easy chairs, a cardboard box and a computer chair). The food is really good - I am enjoying 3 meals a day. I hinted that I would like some veges by chewing a very healthy houseplant. I've  stopped doing that now there a few peas mixed in with my lunch.

When it's not too hot I enjoy a few cuddles with each of them - in turns. We usually get together before breakfast, after lunch and in the evening. But I take several siestas; I take my longest daytime nap (3hrs)in the bottom of the airing cupboard - where it's dark and private.

The view from my favourite chair (it used to be HIS chair) is of gulls, rooks, pigeons, squirrels and a very large black cat. I hurl challenges to them all through the glass telling them I'll be after them as soon as my new catdoor has been fitted. Until then I try to keep fit by running 100m sprints 2 or 3 times a day, leap a high jump and hurdle obstacles. They have a sense of humour because I hear them laughing when I'm putting myself through my paces.

I think they have strict rules here. I made a faux pas on my first day; I jumped up on a kitchen worktop. He 'snitched' on me. She then hissed at me "Ssssssstop" so I jumped down. I've not been up there since. I KNOW when I'm being told off. We are used to each other now and haven't been told to "Ssssssstop" for ages. As I said, I think I will be happy here.

Love to all from