Thursday, 30 December 2010

Coping Strategies

I've been working this summer and autumn on coping strategies. My annual visit to the Dr for a BP check. I once again complained of my aches, pains and strains elicited the response that apart from my weight continuing to creep up I was healthy. When I said how hard I found it to cope at home with MyMan's moods I was told 'he's frustrated'. Well I know he is - so am I.

But if I'm healthy then what to do about my pains which now are making me so stiff I find it hard to stride out on a long walk.  Less activity is not helping me to control my weight.
I've almost forgotten how to walk naturally. In fact I'm beginning to think I think too much on how to walk. Sometimes I march freely along Sdimouth Esplanade and then think "this is so easy". With that thought 'poof' it's gone and I find my legs, ankles or hips are once again stiff and unco-ordinated.

In August I tried a few sessions of hypnotherapy. It certainly helped me to concentrate on relaxing more easily. It highlighted my need to 'focus' more. Which helped my bridge game. I became aware that whatever task I was doing my mind  was also occupied thinking of several other things. Mentally reviewing my 'to do list', worrying about MyMan or planning how to cope with a particular current problem/difficulty. I think that now I'm no longer able to share some of my minor day to day worries with MyMan I'm inclined to brood more on them rather than talk them out. The psycho/hypnotherapist gave me homework to do after each of my 3 sessions.

The first one was that I had to change my self talk to a more positive attitude. Therefore not to comment on the negative i.e my need to lose weight but that "I am slim, tall and walk easily" along with "I eat smaller portions" . The second session looked at my level of focus. I had to practice doing a daily task. To really concentrate on focusing on each and every detail of the task. I chose to clean my teeth. To focus only on brushing my teeth without thinking or planning for the day ahead.

It has helped me to think and focus on myself sometimes. I stopped dithering over decisions and made up my mind and went for it. Changed to new PC, bought myself a new bed (it's helped my aching hip joints - a result) explored rail travel, and decided to cease listening to MyMans gloomy negative views and enjoy friends' company. Regardless of his impressions of them. I've decided to follow my own instincts. And am making plans to meet up with a fellow blogger.  I try to make sure I always have some event in the near future. To have something to look forward to.

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I heard you. And I care about what I read here. I wish I could make a difference...

Happy New Year to you dear Lady T.

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