Saturday, 30 October 2010

Apple for Idiots

I've always been a bit sniffy about Apple products. Apple for Idiots I always thought. But I have been won over by the simple charms of the iPhone. It looks gorgeous. Well the 3GS version does. I'm not so keen on the iPhone4. I had a very good friend who was playing with one and allowed me to handle it and play with it a while. I was hooked.

I've bought myself a 3GS 32GB in white through Carphone Warehouse who supplied a walk out working service. I took them up on this offer as I couldn't find any information on which way round the SIM card should be inserted in the small tray. The wanted to sell me the geek guys help to synchronise the phone with my PC. I accepted the telephone number (just in case) but refused to pay the insurance for this service. I needn't have worried it is all very easy and intuitive to set up.

I have several handy apps downloaded - not to mention a couple of addictive games. I've loaded 3  operas, numerous easy listening compilations and an audio book and there is barely a dent in it's capacious memory.  I regularly text friends and am able to read/reply to all my emails via the phone. Not to mention the ability to post to Twitter. It's worth every penny I spent on it.


ladythinker said...

I've had this phone just short of a month and would you believe that I'm already receiving texts from some unknown spammer offering to share with me lurid sex videos via the internet.

I'm posting them on to Orange and hope they will sort the little obscene devil out.

Exmoorjane said...

i'm not an Apple fan either though confess I also rather crave the iPhone.... but won't happen unless a miracle occurs!
Wow, four blogs! Thought I was bad.... :)
Sadly the SP is not for sale - he's far too useful as a hot water bottle.... :)

merry weather said...

I am making a kind of gurgling and shocked harrumphing noise.

Apple for Idiots?
One little Apple word:


Forget the hype, feel the freedom...

Grins... X

merry weather said...

Merryweather - travelling the World on an Apple - Old but still as Good as Ever -

(ie Me and the Apple)


ladythinker said...

Hello ExmoorJane - nice of you to call in. shame about the SP - I thought he looked priceless. Am envious.

Merryw - are you swearing at me?? UNIX to you too.

I must admit have been completely won over - iPad for MyMan for his birthday at Christmas is now on the cards.