Friday, 5 March 2010

Bloody Ups and Downs

So my birthday hadn't quite turned out as I'd hoped. Maybe everything would look better in a few days. But it didn't. There wasn't much sign of improvement pain wise for MyMan. In fact he appeared very ill and weak. Then he developed a sore throat, a croaky voice and an insatiable thirst. With the local virus he felt unable to exercise to test out if he had any signs of pain relief.

Then worryingly his vision became even more blurred than usual. Obviously not a virus. We had to move the chair 4' closer to the 42" TV as he was unable to see it properly. I thought he should go to see the optician as soon as possible. His sight was so bad I returned to full time chauffeur duty.

Meanwhile I searched the Internet, Googled "adverse reactions to steroid injections in sacroiliac joints". Nothing that explained his sudden onset of new and/or additional symptoms.

With an appointment to see the optician on Wednesday morning he also arranged to see the Dr again in the afternoon. The optician was surprised at the sudden deterioration in his sight. Thought it was caused by a 'rare complication ' to the steroid injections.

Later that afternoon the doctor diagnosed Diabetes. A blood glucose level of 28. Since then our feet haven't touched the floor.


karen said...

I am so sorry. Just something else added to your already full plate. Happy Birthday anyway and God Bless.

Sapphyre said...

Diabetes is scary to begin with, but I understand it's okay once it's under control.

I hope your hubby's eyesight came back!

Good luck!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Just getting back to reading other blogs again. So sorry to hear about the diabetes. 28 is a very high reading. At most Greg's only ever went up to 17. I am sure they will get it sorted, but it will take getting used to. You might want to buy a book by Dorling Kindersley about Diabetes. If you want I can look up the exact title as we have one here at home. Also the GI diet cookbooks that were fashionable last year have some useful recipes.

Cranky Carer said...

It could be that when the diabetes is controlled some of the other symptoms improve. Here's hoping anyway. Belated happy birthday!

ladythinker said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Funnily enough Addy - I'd dug the Holford Low GI diet book off my shelf after Christmas as I intended to lose a few - well many - extra lbs.

I've had 3 books form the library and bought a couple form Diabetes UK - thank you for your kind offer.