Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Birthday Treat . .

With no chance of a lie in and then lunch out I decided to console myself with a little retail therapy while MyMan was in hospital having steroid injections in his sacroiliac joints.

I had to take him to the hospital for 8 a.m and be ready to receive a call to go and collect him at 'lunchtime'. Plenty enough time for a spot of 'cheer myself up' shopping. We left the house at 7 a.m with no more than a cup of hot water. He had to starve in case a general anaesthetic was administered. It seemed cruel for me to eat while he was starving So I didn't.

At 8 a.m as soon as I'd deposited him at the hospital I went in search of a cuppa and a bacon sandwich. The only trouble was I didn't know anywhere that opened that early. So I went to a 24 hour Sainsbury's superstore. I had to walk around for half an hour as the cafe didn't open till 8.30. I was beginning to shake; my blood sugar levels were very low. While I was refuelling I planned where in Exeter I'd go and which shops I'd call in, making a list of my intended purchases. On the way out of Sainsbury's I refuelled the car - £40.

It was at that point my mobile rang - there is only one person who has the number of that phone. MyMan. He'd had the injections and was impatient to get home would I pick him up as soon as possible.

So much for retail therapy. All I'd bought was a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich and a tank full of petrol.

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Sapphyre said...

Not much of a birthday treat!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to my fellow Pisces... it was my birthday last Thursday... I didn't get much of a treat either, but at least I ate out... didn't realise DH was panic-attacking the whole time we were out (1 hr? LOL)