Sunday, 17 January 2010

New Beginnings

It is a little late in the New Year to think of New Beginnings but
After a long drawn out investigation MyMan has accepted the Financial Ombudsman's Final Decision on his complaint against Equitable Life. It has been another battle against a large instituition. Energy sapping and a time consuming procedure at the best of times.
Now he is even more at a loose end. Still not fit enough to work. With too much time on his hands he concentrates on his low mood. Maybe once the compensation comes through, and he is able to completely cross it off his mental 'jobs to do' list, he may find some energy to get on and enjoy some aspect of retirement. He's now 65 and if he'd still been working I would have been nagging him to retire. He counts himself as sick and out of work. But with the state pension being paid I tell him he is now a retiree/OAP.
He longs still for solitude, peace and complete quiet. I tell him there will be plenty of that when he's in the cemetery.

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