Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back to Fitness

Besides the physiotherapy sessions MyMan has also been entered in a Back to Fitness programme. Over a 6 week period he along with a class of 5 others is undergoing an hour long exercise and muscle toning programme run at Wonford hospital.

Last week he boasted that he had used dumbbells weighing 66 lbs. I said incredulously - "surely not. Don't you mean 6 lbs?" But he insisted it was 66lbs. "But that's about 4 stone - it can't be that" Again he was definite. He'd seen the weight impressed on the dumbbells with his own eyes - demonstrating this by lowering his spectacles down his nose to see properly - and telling me that 'bloody heavy they are too'.

I told him I still wouldn't and couldn't believe it. 6.6 kilos by a HUGE stretch of the imagination I might manage - but not 66 lbs. Not from a man who is unable to help me carry in a bag of potatoes and 2 litres of milk without moaning how heavy it is.

This week he confessed he'd taken a closer look and it was 6.6 lbs. And, as he'd found them very heavy last week and had strained his chest muscles, he picked up the lighter weight dumbbells.

That's MyMan. Mr Atlas he isn't.

Updated: 22 January 2010

Thank you Robert for your kind comment but I feel MyMan and I are quite well matched.


Robert said...

The picture of MyMan which I had in my head didn't quite match the photo you kindly provided in your link ('bloody heavy they are too'). He's a bit rougher looking than I would have expected, but I'm sure that he's a really nice chap.


karen said...

So funny!!!

Robert said...


You've got to laugh at life, don't you?

Cranky Carer said...

This sounds so positive. Men love a bit of a challenge be it 66 or 6.6lbs! I bet he is a feeling pretty pleased with himself which is good for the morale and hopefully mood!