Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I was very low yesterday. I wanted to live near my sister. I was desperate for a pop in visit to chat, share worries, have a good healthy giggle over a cup of tea.

This morning I still felt low and thought how much I missed the chance of spontaneity in my life. I couldn't remember the last time we did anything spontaneous. With nothing planned for the day I had breakfast and went in for a shower. Standing there in a lather and the door opened. "John rang to ask if we could meet them for coffee this morning? I said yes - we're to meet up at the garden centre at 10.30". That surprised me.

I was surprised even more when after a cup of coffee on the garden centre veranda it started to rain. We all moved inside to try and find a table for 6. MyMan asked everyone "Why don't you come back to ours?" - well - and there I had been quietly wishing for spontaneity. I have had a double dose. I just wished I'd made the beds, cleaned the toilets and put fresh towels out before we went out. And with a lounge that had not been cleaned since a week before I pulled my back. Ah well . . .

If we're back in spontaneous mode I'll have to pull my finger out and raise my game housework wise.


Cranky Carer said...

Gosh, you really have highlighted two of the big problems of being a carer: the isolation and the feeling of being tied down and therefore not able to be spontaneous.

Isn't it good though that there are blogs and phones and emails that connect people. And how good that your 'My Man' was able to respond to spontaneity and be spontaneous. Perhaps its a beneficial side effect of his new tablets!

Its good to hear that you, like me, do not have housework as number 1 priority. As my fridge magnet reminds me:

'Housework never killed anyone but why take the chance'!

Warm wishes,


ladythinker said...

Hello again there Cranky. Always good to hear from you. My favourite fridge magnet says "Dull women have immaculate houses" . .

ChickPea said...

And good friends LOVE you for letting reality shine through - makes you less intimidating, more credible, and much - MUCH - more loveable.

Thank you again for your blog - I love you for it. On a grey day you bring the sunshine out, and on a sunny day the birds sing out loud.

Thank You. Keep blogging.

ladythinker said...

Chick Pea - thank you for your flattering comments.
i find it helpful to let off steam but worry that it makes for too dreary reading.

Cranky Carer said...

That's another wise fridge magnet, Ladythinker!! I am happy to agree with the sentiment.

Your blog is never dreary but is a great source of comfort and companionship to those of us paddling the same boat.

Best wishes,


ladythinker said...

Oh Dear Cranky - thank you.