Monday, 15 June 2009


I think my body may be telling me I've had all I can take. I've had such a long list of symptoms. IBS, tension headaches, muscles pains and weakness, breathlessness and palpitations. And I'm TATTI. That is I'm Tired All The Time.

I finally went to the doctor. After an alarming 2 hour session of a a racing heart and feeling twitchy I thought I'd better go along for a check up. By the time the appointment came around I felt much better. But rather than cancel I thought I'd go in and just tell him how I had been feeling. I know that I've been stressed and tense. I assumed all of my symptoms to be psychosomatic.

Sitting in the waiting room I could feel myself getting tense and anxious. No amount of deep relaxing breathing could ease the feeling of unease.

By the time he checked my blood pressure it was UP. He ordered a routine ECG, fasting blood tests and another BP check with the nurse. I'm to return to see him a couple of weeks.

A couple of days after the blood test I received a letter telling me to book in for a 'routine blood test' in a months time. What have they found?? My anxiety levels are on the up again! Take a deep breathe; breath and chill out. CALM .... CALM ....


rosiero said...

When you care for someone else, the last person you tend to look after is yourself. Plus when the situation is stressful, your body is bound to react to the stress and anxiety. Hope you get good news.

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, you did the right thing in publishing this. Harbouring that sort of health worry only makes you feel worse. Rosiero makes a cogent point and, for what it's worth, most of us could probably tell you of having experienced something similar. Stay cheerful, sweetheart. After all, Stinking Billy is around again? ;-) x x

ladythinker said...

Thanks Rosie and St. Billy.

As the nurse confirmed today when I went for BP check - anything really worrying and the Dr would have called me back in. Meanwhile I'm to wait a month before another blood test, have weekly BP checks and see the Dr again in 4 weeks.

Once I've collected our new car tomorrow - I'll come home and crack open a bottle of wine. I feel I owe myself a relaxing drink or two over the next few days!

ChickPea said...

What fun ! Hope you enjoy your new car - we shall be doing much the same 2 days behind you (just hope the exhaust on our present wheels lasts out till Friday......)