Sunday, 19 April 2009

Games we play . .

MyMan encourages me to get out and enjoy myself "as much as possible". Then when I do he says how dead the place seems without me. I try to save a day a week when we can go out together. And I'm always home Saturdays and Sundays holding myself in readiness for a jaunt out somewhere together.

We agreed we would go out on Sunday this weekend. Once again I waited for MyMan to surface from his slumbers. We had a similar conversation as we do prior to every trip out together. "Where shall we go?" he asks me. "I must get a walk in, somehow. . ." he said. I draw breathe to reply and he suddenly suggests "Burrow Farm Garden - I love it there . . . ". Surprised as he rarely suggests anything that he'd like to do I draw breathe again to agree. Before I can open my mouth he tells me "that's no good - it will make your hay fever worse".

I disagree. My hay fever is bad enough here where we are surrounded by at least 8 fields of rape. Especially after spending a few hours toiling in the garden. Although the symptoms of hay fever can feel like a dose of flu there is no way I will allow it to limit what I want to do. I tell him so. Irritable now he tells me he doesn't want me to go somewhere where I'll feel the worse for going. He'll forgo the visit to save me discomfort. But wistfully tells me " I do so love it there". .

I decide I'll go anyway at which point he says he feels it will be too far for him today. He doesn't want to do a long journey. 'Long' means about 12 miles and will take about 20 minutes.

I think I'm beginning to learn the rules of this 'new game'. But he doesn't like how I play.


Anonymous said...

Which men do like how we women play! They say they can't understand women but it's just the other way round really.

I suffer with hay fever too, and we're surrounded by fields. Bummer really!

CJ xx

rosiero said...

Might be best to suggest you at least make a try at going out and see how he feels. Give him the option of turning back if he gets tired after a few miles. My guess is, he'll actually be distracted by the things he sees on the journey and will love every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

You could go then refuse to leave the car...

ladythinker said...

Crystal - sorry to hear you also suffer from hay fever - hard to be in beautiful countryside when you know you'll feel better in mid of a polluted city centre. Nice to see you here - thanks for popping in.

Roserio - he doesn't see anything on any journey - he's too busy being a backseat driver while convincing himself (and me) that each and every car hasn't seen us and will not stop. He almost turns me into a nervous gibbering wreck . .

Hello Mutley - that's a good 'un . . is that what they call 'a trip teaser'? ;-)