Friday, 9 January 2009

999 for Emergencies

Once the hospital were able to find a bed for MyMan he was confined to complete bed rest for 24 hours with his nostril plugged. Once the plug was removed he was told to gently walk about for a while. Then the ENT specialist examined his nasal passages. He could not see anything that would explain where all the blood was coming from. So like the local DynoRod expert he employed a camera to negotiate the passage ways to see if he could find the cause of the bleeding. Nothing. So, once again the problem appears to be really high up. High up where they are "reluctant to operate unless we have to".

The only re-assurance we have is that we are not over re-acting by dialling 999 when we can't stop a bleed within 15 minutes. The extent of his bleeding isn't a minor matter. It is a bit more than 'nuisance level'. I find it very worrying and quite stressful. I also find it stressful in keeping my own anxiety from being seen by MyMan. There is another elephant in the room.


rosiero said...

I sympathise. All that you say about being home alone is true - you just don't get the rest you need because of the non-stop phone calls to or from worried relatives or friends, as well as the travelling to and from hospital. Look after yourself. You are going to need to be strong once he is home. So sorry they can't seem to find the location of the bleed.

Robert said...

If I was in your situation, I would find the stress of this situation almost intolerable. I wonder how you can ever rest. When will the next occurrence be? Will it be more/less serious? These and similar questions would alwaoys be on my mind. How do you cope?

ladythinker said...

Thank you Roserio - and to you too Robert. Blogging my worries does help a bit.