Sunday, 28 December 2008

Out With The Old

Out with the Old and in with the New. Year that is. Christmas is over. We survived. We are still here. Still married. And neither of us murdered the other.

I did the right thing this year. I didn't put up decorations. I didn't party or arrange to hold a party. I didn't do anything seasonal at all. Other than buy a turkey for us to have a traditional lunch with all the trimmings. That was my only concession to the Christmas festivities. That was only because it suited me as a cook and general provider of food. Once the turkey was cooked I get a week off food preparation. No need to think "what shall we eat tonight". Don't even ask. It's going to be cold turkey for days with either bubble and squeak or salad with mashed potatoes.
MyMan was far more relaxed as there was no pressure on him to socialise. With no pressure he made more of an effort to be sociable with me. We ate when hungry. Slept when tired. Read or watched TV. We didn't go out unless we went together. That removed any anxiety he experiences when I go out and he remains at home: Alone with his own thoughts.
  1. MyMan surprised me with a Christmas gift. The first for over 7 years. He'd managed to secretly buy a large mirrored jewellry box that now sits on my dressing table. I have a wedding ring, a watch and 6 pairs of earrings in it. They look lost in the vast empty space. I'll have to get myself some more jewels now that I have a box for them.

  2. He sat and relaxed enough to watch the long tailed tits feeding in the garden. He thought they were beautiful. It's good to see him appreciate the good things in life. Taking time to sit and stare.

  3. Besides watching a few [well quite a few, several in fact] football matches he also finished reading a book. He wants to read more and is going to collect some large print books from the library to make it easier.

As I said in an earlier post - he is beginning to accept, adjust and adapt. Perhaps the new year will bring further improvements. He isn't the only one who need's to adjust. I also can see that it makes life easier for him if I also make adjustments. In the new year we'll have to work on a happy balance.


ChickPea said...

Myrrh has been a constant companion for you, Ladythinker, in 2008. Nonetheless I find the sweet aroma of frankincense here on your blog, you dear most careful of Givers.

And now - having successfully created a most unbelievably positive Christmas, I hope you can rejoice in the 'space to fill' in your fine new jewellery box.

Yes, definitely, here is a heart full of pure gold. May 2009 hold very many good things for you. x

maz said...

Hi, things improved for us when we both gave a little - it's not easy but I think you reach a point where it's inevitable to survive it all!
Have a guid new year when it comes.
Slainte Mhath (good health in scots!)
maz x

Robert said...

A remarkably positive post considering the time of year. I hope that 2009 wil be a better time for us all.

Best wishes.

ladythinker said...

Thank you all for your thoughts. Wishing you and those you care for a healthy and contented 2009.