Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hurt Feelings - Part 2

After a few weeks along with a few nights of a good deep sleep I now feel less venomous towards Kay and our time together. Normally I've been aware of her selfishness and impatience but have been able to absorb it with an inward smile. I know I've been far less tolerant than of old. So have been trying to re-assess the weekend with a more logical less tired brain. I refrained from posting a strongly worded letter. Contact between us has been less than usual. I've not responded so quickly to her texts or phone messages. But when she phoned me recently we had an innocuous chat for 20 minutes. I still find it hard to feel as friendly towards her. Obviously the hurt feelings I felt at the time have left a deep wound.

Occasionally I've caught myself thinking 'Kay would like that' when I've been browsing around the stores. But my cash has stayed firmly in my pocket with the thought that I could use it to treat myself to something instead. I am learning to be more selfish.

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