Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hurt Feelings

Well, as my swollen face returns to normal and the itching lessens I feel a little more kindly towards Kaylee. Maybe kindly is still a bit too strong a word. But I do feel a little less poisonous in attitude. The letter remains unprinted and unposted. I wouldn't want to deliberately hurt her feelings. She either suspects that she has upset me or is completely oblivious of how I felt. Either way it was good to express my feelings in a letter. One day I will print it off , tear it to shreds and bin it along with memory of the hurt I felt. I expect I will reply to her texts eventually. Maybe write a short bland letter in a few weeks time. I will just slowly withdraw and become busier and busier with my life here.

I'm counting my blessings; the number of good friends I have in east Devon. It has also reminded me that my best friend is MyMan. He has stirred himself to try and talk it through with me. Urged me to caution and thought before action. Reminded me of how difficult I can be too, at times. But he's sad for me in that the stress I've been under recently made it difficult for me to cope with the situation.


ChickPea said...

"Careless" ? - A more Careful, Caring and Considerate person would be an unlikely find.
And I've only just met your blog. I love you already. Life is hard, I know that and see that, but you are finally learning to love and care for yourself - and that is good. How is it we think we can care for Someone Else when we don't know how to care for ourselves ?
A Friend like Kaylee has to be handled with great care and attention FOR and OF YOURSELF. Be your own Best Friend - love yourself, be kind to yourself, care for yourself - and you'll care all the better for the others.
Your MyMan has a One-In-A-Million-Wife. Kaylee has a One-In-A-Million Friend. this is a One-In-A-Million-Blog. I shall add you to my 'Favourites'. I trust your thoughts, your forward thinking and strategies.
And I think I'd like to get you a punch bag for Christmas........

ladythinker said...

Oh chickpea - how lovely to meet you - such wonderful words of encouragement thank you . . .
Hmmmm - a punch bag for Christmas now there's a thought ..

dytudtyujdytdgh said...