Saturday, 30 August 2008

Awfully Quiet

I know, as Roserio commented - it has been Awfully Quiet. I've found it rather difficult to find the time and energy to post regularly. I've managed to put something up once a week or so over on my more lighthearted blog . To let regular visitors know I am still alive and 'active' of sorts.

I am trying not to reflect too often on how difficult I find being with MyMan nowadays. How I've been finding it hard to cope. I'm full of aches and pains. Muscular and joint pains which I am sure are caused by tension. I am conscious of wearing my shoulders up near my ears. My fists are clenched tight like a boxer's when I wake in the night. My buttocks are so clenched it is as if they are trying to catch up with my shoulders. I walk as often and as far as I can. But it just makes my aches worse.

I'm still struggling to try and decide which is the best option for us. The best option on deciding where we should move to. I worry that if MyMan does have a form of dementia coming on then the sooner we move and are able to establish a new routine then the better it will be. The more settled he becomes in a routine here, the less likely we will be able to relocate to a completely different area.

The good news is that we have finally sold the old Rover. I was sad to see the old faithful workhorse leave. Sad to see it go but thankful we no longer have to remember to charge the battery then take it out for a short drive once a week to keep it's innards ticking over. This has left room in the garage for us to sort, clear and declutter old gardening tools which we no longer use and a myriad of other once useful items. I must get on and arrange a Garage Sale.

We are still awaiting delivery of MyMan's new adjustable bed. It should arrive in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I am about to go up to visit family and I'm convinced it will be delivered while I am not at home. I have left a written reminder that when the huge heavy 6' bed leaves MyMan must hoover and dust before the new bed is put in place.

I will be going to stay with my sister. To see my nephews and a nice niece. And to take cine film and photos of the area where I would like us to move to next...... I still wish to live closer to family. To put down roots for our old age in the area where we were born. So I am going up to Surrey to do my Cecil B DeMille act. To come home and 'sell' the area to MyMan. I know that I too will miss living in the west country but as MyMan becomes more and more demanding of my time I see less and less of the countryside. My world is shrinking down to the house, garden and the local shops. We could very well live in any town it would make no difference. But there I have family. People I love. Who love me.


rosiero said...

I think you are wise to consider the move while you are still able and while he is in a state to cope too. Whether he is housebound in the West Country or in Surrey makes little difference, but the locations mean all the world to you to be amongst loved ones you can let off steam to. Go for it!! If the current housing market allows, that is.

ladythinker said...

Thanks Rosiero - I'm now in the south east doing research and filming the area I'd like us to move to. I just wish the sun would shine to make it all look a little better.
Perversely, I am missing MyMan, the Devon countryside and the sea!!

maz said...

Oh no! I too, sure know about the shoulders that think they're a pair of earings!LOL

Mine are continually up somewhere higher than is comfortable too - so much so that one of 'ems real painful now.
TENS machine cures that for a bit anyway!

I think back & shoulder problems seem to be the Carers lot!

I hope, for you, things are a bit smooth and relaxing!

maz x