Saturday, 19 July 2008

Parallel Worlds

It is very strange but 2 days later MyMan started talking as if it is settled that he is going to change rooms when his new bed arrives. He said 'it does make sense' for the single bed to go in the smaller room. He was more like my OldMan. The Man I love and married 37 years ago.. reasonable and open to discussion and negotiation. We didn't always agree but we could talk through our differences and come to some agreement. Nowadays it's like living with Jekyll and Hyde. I just never know which one I am going to find each morning or which one I am talking to at any time.

We used to be so close he would always say he could read me like a book. He believed in ESP as I would start talking about something that was just in his thoughts.

Maybe as I typed up my last post he subliminally absorbed my thoughts while taking his afterno0n rest. Perhaps he decided the change of rooms was the cheaper option. Or it is that my OldMan is still lurking there behind this crabby, cantankerous old devil I find myself married to now.

We might make it to our 38th wedding anniversary after all ..


rosiero said...

Or perhaps he had a good think about it after you had mentioned it and decided it was the only fair option. Glad it has a happy ending anyway. When is the new bed coming?????

Potty Mummy said...


The Dotterel said...

Hope so!

Anonymous said...

his ESP is clearly working at the moment - so make the most of it! Think really hard about all the things you want him to do, while he is in the mood! Then enjoy!!