Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Plants Glorious Plants

A few weeks ago I wrote how MyMan wanted to have some patio roses in pots that he would' take care of'. He chose 3 which he potted up. He does look after them. But I have to remind him when they need watering, deadheading and turning so that they don't grow leaning towards the sun. Considering we have a largish garden I have increased the number of pots and container plants this year. I now have 4 hostas, 2 tea tree bushes, 5 large cactii, 3 small pots of impatiens along with numerous containers of pelargoniums. Last year's containers of pelargoniums continue to flourish so they have earned their place on the patio for a third year. In all I have over 25 containers to monitor. I must be mad.

The hardy geraniums [cranesbills] are really earning their keep this year. I've divided and increased them to fill in numerous gaps between shrubs or as ground cover in the borders. I do not know what their names as most of them have been pinched [cuttings pulled] from friends or neighbours gardens.


Jay said...

I love hardy geraniums! I have a ton, most of them divided and planted out from one single container bought at a charity sale! I've added a few more varieties this year because they're just so easy - both easy on the eye and to care for.

We've gone the route of easy maintenance garden with lawn and shrubs, but with pots for flowers. I have a couple of beds of the hardy geraniums, but everything else goes in pots and I find the reduction in weeding more than makes up for the increase in watering!

rosiero said...

I ma going over to low-maintenance gardening where I can, so will give these hardy geraniums a try. I assume you can get them in most garden centres?