Sunday, 29 June 2008

More Moving Tales

Co - codamol as pain relief no longer appears to help MyMan. The last time he saw the pain management consultant he was offered Morphine which he declined. As he has spent the last few weeks in constant pain he has been saving Co-codamol for a rare treat. It was obviously a disappointment for him when it no longer had the much desired effect.

I mooted the suggestion that he consider asking the family Doctor for a new referral to Wonford Hospital Pain Management Clinic for a re-assessment. Especially now he has X-Rays to show what is happening to his spine and the evidence of an untreated whiplash injury. He said he was reluctant to do so, that he didn't think he could stand the journey to the hospital. But when I tartly replied that maybe we should think of buying a new house opposite the hospital, he said maybe that 'wouldn't be such a bad idea'. He 'can see it does makes sense'.

It's the first time he has considered a possible move to a city or town. To be closer to the facilities he needs more and more often, along with the transport links, it seems sensible to me. I know that we would miss the country life style but it causes so many day to day problems. I'm not sure we shouldn't bite the bullet and make another large re-adjustment. While we are still young enough to adapt.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Time for Decisions

We have decided to take some time to try and make a few decisions. In no particular order we need to make decisions on:
[1] a new car
[2] whether we move or not [? adapt our present house]
[3] where we should live in our older age
[4] choose an automatic bed

First we are attempting to find a suitable car. We are now officially a one car household. But we need to change that one car, the reliable fun Honda Jazz, for something with a bit more luxury and a more comfortable ride.

As a passenger in the Jazz MyMan yelps when I hit a pot hole or a loose bit of tarmac. East Devon roads are full of pot holes and gravelly tarmac. Not to mention the deep gullies and drains which allow copious amounts of rainfall to clear quickly. I have to admit the Jazz ride is very firm. And it is now almost 5 years old. Probably not as springy as it was as a spring chicken.

It's the first time for 30 years that we have had to find a car we both like. It's very time consuming exploring all the options. Some cars as soon as we sit in the seats we look at each other and are out and it's crossed off the list. Some need a little longer before the inevitable back ache [mine] starts to manifest itself and then another one bites the dust.

It has surprised me how many cars you need to be able to flex your neck as you climb aboard. Being one of the S*d's Laws they are invariably the cars that are more comfortable to sit in. Being in constant pain MyMan is looking for a feeling of safety and security. He's hoping that a better ride quality will, at best, not inflict more pain during a journey. This is the best he can hope for. He is just about able to flex his neck to get in/out of cars but we assume this will change in the near future. Therefore we need a car that he can sit in without having to lower his head. There have been a few. Big expensive cars. Some not environmentally friendly. Thirsty fuel guzzlers.

As usual I am trying to be economical. For the first time in all our married life every time I mention the costs involved I'm told 'forget the money, do you like it or not?'. Well, if I'm to forget the money then there are cars we've not even mentioned yet. How about Volvo, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes ... then I'm told 'don't be daft woman, don't get carried away ... ' Oh, for a while there I thought MyMan had undegone a complete personality change . . . . .

The best we have found, so far, that doesn't harm the environment, that will do ' x miles to the gallon rather than x gallons to the mile' is the Honda CRV. The only trouble is it is a bit too tall and he finds it hard to get in without standing slightly on tippy toe. I may take along a step stool to see if that would help.