Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mad March Hares and Woes

Mad March Hares - I know the feeling. I've been full of woes. Probably a wee dose of post viral depression. I've found it quite difficult to shake off the final vestiges of the cough. I still feel quite lacking in energy. What I need is a pick me up. A little retail therapy wouldn't go amiss. I went shopping in Exeter last April and promised myself a monthly trip to the city. I've not been back since. It would be nice to go there again, hopefully before April. Then at least I could say I go to the city twice a year.

MyMan is recovered from having his last 2 teeth drawn. But it really has taken a toll on his neck and back. He has neuralgia caused I assume from his over stressed neck muscles. But he thinks the neuralgia is caused by another tooth that will need to be pulled. He has made another appointment with the dentist for next week. I'm a little concerned that he will still have the pain after the next tooth is taken out. I hope the dentist will check it out carefully before making a decision.

MyMan still continues to be 'away with the fairies' at odd times. He has muddled his prescription requests. Asking for more of the pills he only got a week ago and forgetting to get pills he needs for this week - he had obviously ticked the wrong box when the prescription went in to the surgery. I have to go into town to collect it and end up running in and out of the chemist twice a week. My patience is still at a low ebb - almost non-existent. I told him he can continue to be independent on sorting his medication but I intend to take on a supervisory role. I have other more interesting things I'd like to do rather than trips in and out of the chemist twice a week.

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