Sunday, 24 February 2008

Carer's Get Ill Too

Carer's get ill too. It's been difficult this last week. Once I felt the virus take hold I did a quick shop to get most of the necessary stores in to cope with not going out for daily supplies. MyMan, I suggested would have to take his own prescription in to the surgery - it would be one less chore for me to worry about. He managed this but it took him 4 days to muster the strength to do so. It should now be at the chemist waiting for me to collect it tomorrow.

He kept on asking 'how he could help' but would then forget what I suggested would be helpful. Any chore from emptying the dishwasher to making a pot of tea or taking the rubbish out would elict the reponse of "I'll do it in my own good time - when I've the energy".

The worse I felt the more tired I became the less I cared. Orange juice, grapefruit juice, soup, fruit and gallons of water was all I wanted. I gave up on the idea of a hot pot of tea. I almost gave up on the idea of emptying the dishwasher. Dirty glasses, mugs, dishes all piled up on the kitchen surface above the dishwasher which now stored clean crockery. Eventually when there were no clean crocks left in the cupboard I emptied the dishwasher and started to refill it with the pile of used dishes.
"I told you to leave that - I said I'd do it! " he said.
"Yes I know - but when?", is what I wanted to know.

My not being well causes him increased anxiety. He would feel happier if I went to see the doctor. But I see no point when it is 'just a virus'. I reassure him that if there is any sign of an infection I'll go to the doctor. He is still sceptical, doesn't trust me - he sees me as a stoic. I am, but I'm not daft. I'm 'sensible' as the doctor often tells me. MyMan gets irritable when I ignore his advice. Me? - I just want to be left alone - to feel unwell- sleep when I can and ride it out. But I can't, I still have to act as care giver and provider of emotional support. My being unwell has taken its toll. However much I have tried to reassure him, this week has exhausted him.


maz said...

I know how you feel!
I'm still nursing a bad shoulder and Coo is continually in a flap about things too!

I have come to the conclusion I'm not a good patient and it runs pretty thin when I see things that need doing and have not the patience to wait for someone else to do them...

Does this sound familiar?? LOL

maz x

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, so sorry to read that you are feeling shabby. Two things, I cannot find the Tony Blair petition, and why don't you pop over to mine, just for a change?

lady thinker said...

Hi Maz - maybe [all] most men are the same - especially when they are ill and they call us the Weaker sex! Huh.

On my way over St Billy. Nice to see you here again.