Friday, 21 December 2007

Preparing for Seasonal Joy

My Man has never been one to get over excited about the Christmas season. Apart from the welcome 2 week break from work Christmas has never meant much to him.

I'm the opposite. I have a childish excitement and love the whole idea of Christmas from decorating the house to entertaining visitors with food and organising games. To MyMan over recent years it is just a 'reminder that another year has passed'. I feel he is a degree better than this time last year. And he agrees, but he still craves peace and quiet above all else. I don't have the energy to withstand his 'what's the point of it all' talk so we have no decorations. No plans to entertain visitors. I will attend the carol service at the Parish church on Sunday. And a drinks party I am going to with friends on Christmas eve. Other than that it will be a time for quiet, reading and relaxation. Perhaps next year we'll decide to have some Christmas fun as of olden days. I hope so.

Meanwhile there is a Christmas card for all readers who would like to go and collect from here.


Potty Mummy said...

Lady Thinker, I love that card. I have seen it before, but had forgotten all about it, so thanks for reminding me. A very Christmassy thing to do for someone who isn't get much of a chance to celebrate, am so sorry to hear that. As you say, onwards and upwards and I hope you get the tree and the decorations next year.

Robert said...

Thanks for the card! Let's hope that your man continues to improve and your 2008 Christmas is less quiet.

Marie's condition doesn't affect the celebrating of our family Christmas, but unfortunately her anxiety will prevent me from going to the parish church (I used to go to the midnight service).

I hope that you have a happy Christmas. Best wishes!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hello, and thank you for paying a visit to my blog - so sorry the links are not working as they should! I'm not sure why, but will try and sort it out.
I wish you and your man all the best for the New Year.
Kindest regards, Margot.