Thursday, 27 September 2007

On the Way Up?

Well the increase in the Escapism pills are now well into MyMan's bloodstream. The side effects beginning to wear off. Now the Mirtazepine has been dropped MyMan's having difficulty sleeeping once again. I'm hoping that he'll slowly adjust. When he does sleep he sleeps more 'gently'. No deep earth shattering, rumbling, vibrating snoring. Surely that has to be better for him. I'm having some difficulty in adjusting too. When he is asleep; gently asleep, with no deep rumbling snorting breaths I think he's stopped breathing altogether. The only sound that disturbed the peace of the night last night was the trap catching yet another mouse. I almost picked all the traps up when I vacuumed last week. Glad I was too lazy to do so.

I didn't sleep at all after 4 a.m. It's full moon again. It shone in through the curtains as bright as day. I must get some black out linings. After tossing and turning for an hour I gave in and got up to blog and read. I wished MyMan was awake then. I could have vacuumed. I had the energy then.

We have visitors this evening. Some long standing friends are travelling from Essex to Cornwall. They intend to stop off in east Devon overnight. We are supplying supper in my vacuumed free zone. I did shift some dust from here to there but that's all.

We haven't seen them for nearly 3 years. I'm sure I'll have plenty of chat when I get going. But I'm so tired I may find it difficult to get going. They are more MM's friends. Ed was in fact MM's best man when we wed. MyMan was looking forward to seeing him again. But then he arranged a treatment for this morning. Now he is suffering and wants to do nothing more than lie abed popping painkillers. I told him that this time as they are his friends he'll have to be sociable. He should have been more thoughtful when arranging appointments. I'm into tough love at the moment. Tomorrow he can lie around and be 'palely interesting' but not tonight. Tonight, once I've provided the supper, it's my turn. I hope their B&B has a 'closed doors by 12' policy - I know I wont be any use to anyone beyond midnight.


Stinking Billy said...

Those of us who are not in chronic physical pain or discomfort just don't know how lucky we are.

Freedom from pain is something we take for granted - if we think of it at all, that is. We need to be regularly reminded of those who are constantly suffering and, just as importantly, their carers for their unstinting self-sacrifices, fortitude and devotion to duty.

There is no justice, and I feel so damned lucky!

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, I wrote the above comment in the evening, and I always get more sympatico and carried away as darkness creeps in. Not that I take any of it back.

Anyway, this one is much more like me - I need your tecnical advice again! I have a saved, half-written, new post which my blogsite won't allow me to finish, giving me only the finger (literally) at every attempt when what I need is simply the normal 'pointer' cursor.

Can uou please assist? Billy

Robert said...

Did your evening go well?

lady thinker said...

Yes Robert - thank you - better than I was expecting.
Stinking Billy - I'm on my way over to try and leap to your rescue >>>