Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Focus on 3 BT

I read this blog post today by way of following various links from one blog to another. Serendipity I suppose. But it did make me think. Sometimes we get so weighed down by upsets, worries and 'to do lists' . Our time most days is short. Maybe because we are remembering and thinking for two people instead of just for ourselves. When time is short we feel hassled and overlook the pleasant parts in our day or week. It is easy to forget. We should stop to think about them; the good things. A way of taking stock - and counting our blessings. For carer's it may not be as it would for others who may count on a holiday trip, a meal out or a party. But smaller pleasures. They count too.

Today: 1 - the sunshine, blue sky and occasional single clouds drifting over head. 2 - coffee with friends in town. 3. A huge bag of Victoria plums left on the doorstep by a good neighbour - that are now cooked and frozen down for a taste of summer in winter.


Mr Mans Wife said...

It's true, we need to focus on those good things once in a while.

For me? 3 things today:
1. It was sunny
2. A nice comment from a reader
3. Seeing Mr Man happy

That was quite difficult, but I suppose if we think hard enough the nice things are always there.

Thanks for this. I will try this every day.

The thinker said...

Mr Mans wife - thanks for calling by.

maz said...

Hi, 3 good things for me from today??
The sun was out.
I had time to sit in the garden.
Home made blackcurrant jam on scones...lovely!

You're right, I had to think then but it has done me some good to remember!
maz x

The thinker said...

Thanks Maz, Good to meet you. x

vichchoobhai said...

The three things ... it is catching up .. it is infectious.
The three things i loved today

home made pancakes with chutney made by mom

clear skies after one week's spell of torrential rains

the news that i got the guest blogger's prize from Thinker

That made my day yes, and it is a Sunday.

The thinker said...

Vich - Do you know I love Sundays too - even though I no longer work and don't have that dreaded Monday morning feeling hanging over me.

vichchoobhai said...

Ya, Sunday is a Sunday is a Sunday. Even God Almighty rested on that day after creating the world in the first six days.

Clare said...

CC -- thank you very much for 3BTing. I'm glad you like the idea. I'll add you to the Roll of Honour in due course.

My mouth is watering at the thought of those plums.... mmmm.

a female thinker said...

Thanks Clare, nice to have you drop in.
Today?: [1] the sun shone - I sat out in it for 20 minutes [2] the smell of fresh cut grass in the air [3] the smell of damp earth as I weeded and split plants.