Monday, 18 June 2007

A Quiet Week is Forecast

It's not been at all good here. My Man is still in a bad way. Reluctanlty, he has returned to taking the beta blockers. The migraines returned. Daily. Therefore the beta blockers must have been doing some thing to help. It will probably take a few weeks for them to get into his system and for the benefits to become apparent. I have a pain in the neck. I have an appointment on Wednesday to sort it out. So I will be taking a couple of days break from PC and keyboard etc. We've had a very quiet weekend and it looks like being an even quieter week.


Poetess said...

Hi Thinker

Sitting at the pc is not the best for posture. I keep promising to set an alarm so that I remember to get up and leave it. When I do my family history work I can sit here for hours on end and then wonder why I can barely walk when I finally drag myself away.

I hope the beta blockers work and that your neck improves with the appointment and the rest.

I got to the wedding by the way. Was reasonably steady all day. Very posh affair. miss Wade was a very stern lady but I had a good chat to her brother in law about the history about their home.


The thinker said...

Thank you - glad about the wedding. We all suffer for our 'art' don't we! My clock is here ticking away! x