Friday, 1 June 2007

Chocoholics Unite

I did find this amusing - can almost taste it on may lips as I read it. It's worth a look at this blog by The Poetess. I used to belong to the Chocolate Tasting Club. Wonderful selection of really super, luxury chocolates. But having them delivered to the door was not a great help in the dieting campaign. I reluctantly retired from the club. I still occasionally order from the Company as I find they are excellent for sending as gifts to friends and family.


david santos said...

Today it is the World-wide day of the child

Poetess said...

Glad you enjoyed the chocolate dreams poem. I actually woke up with that in my head had to get up and right the words down. I cannot eat chocolate and this is why I dream chocolate. But there are days when I just cannot resist and like a possesed woman start hunting out chocolate thay my boys try to hide from me. They are sop cruel, today being one such day and I can already feel the tell tale signs of one chocolate too much.


Poetess said...

Have just checked out the chocolate comany you used to work for. chocolates delevered to your door, that sounds like heaven. i too would have been reluctant to give that job up.


The thinker said...

Hello David Santos - thanks for looking in.
Hello again to the poetess: sorry perhaps I wasn't clear - i didn't work for the Choc company - I joined as a club member! I had the choc boxes delivered to me as a tasting experiment - you get to vote scoring out of 10 - and at Christmas they made up boxes of the most highly praised choccies! When I was very low - it was a great treat and did cheer me - hence the weight gain that I'm now trying to shift!