Friday, 25 May 2007

Nurture free Zone

I read recently that scientist have identified some missing hormone in post menopausal women which means that the ladies aged over 50 yrs are less inclined to nurture, feed and care for their family. They believe this explains why there is an increase of 50+ yr old women choosing to get divorced nowadays. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is less caring as I get older. What a relief - like being crabby once a month with PMT - I can blame it on hormones or lack of them now.
I invited 4 friends to supper this weekend. Normally I would - in previous years - have been found poring over recipe books and cooking all day long for a Dinner party. Now I call it 'supper' which sounds more casual. I have the meat and which I will fling in with a can of Homepride sauce to casserole. I will cook the veges - but the pud will be the lazy cooks version of Black Forest Trifle. I will just have to assemble the ingredients.
My Man having found out how to use the Dyson has offered to vacuum and dust for me - lovely. I just hope he doesn't loose his energy suddenly at the last minute or I will be rushing round like a blue ar**ed fly trying to do it all. That's why I'm not going in for any itsy bitsy tricksy cooking. I want us both to enjoy the evening. Not as on previous evenings where the 2 hosts are both so exhausted that we end up longing for visitors to go so we can fall into bed. I've even bought posh paper napkins as I now refuse to iron cotton damask ones! Rebellion!

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