Sunday, 22 April 2007

I'm Off in More Ways Than One

Well. this is it. I'm off tomorrow to see family and friends. Two weeks away. Two weeks to laugh, chat and catch up on other people's lives. To visit the big city and shop till I drop. To visit old childhood haunts, take a trip down memory lane and to do some research on Family History. I'm now really looking forward to the change of scene. I've left lists every where. My Man is inundated with 'How To do lists' and food is falling out of every cupboard. He wont starve. If he wants to eat to cheer himself up he could well explode as there are goodies in every nook and cranny. I didn't clean up before leaving so he's under no pressure to maintain a tidy house. I can spring clean on my return. Local friends and my sister in law are in the back ground as support. So many people offered to phone or visit and chat but so far most have been refused. MM may change his mind after the first week. I just hope he doesn't sound too depressed when I speak to him on the phone. But if he does then I'll remind myself that he's not necessarily any happier when I'm here to share his low mood.

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