Friday, 27 July 2012

Adopted Angel

Dear Cats Protection,

Just a short postcard from my new home. I think I will be quite happy here once this heat wave is over and I can venture outside to explore. As it is all the windows are locked on trickle. Phew!! I've examined all windows intently but however thin I am there's no way I can squeeze thro any of the gaps.

Meanwhile I keep the 'hoteliers' on their toes by finding new hiding places. The top of the tall bookcase was the best. I knew they wouldn't find me for AGES because of the amount of dust up there!

The beds are comfortable (I have 3 favourite easy chairs, a cardboard box and a computer chair). The food is really good - I am enjoying 3 meals a day. I hinted that I would like some veges by chewing a very healthy houseplant. I've  stopped doing that now there a few peas mixed in with my lunch.

When it's not too hot I enjoy a few cuddles with each of them - in turns. We usually get together before breakfast, after lunch and in the evening. But I take several siestas; I take my longest daytime nap (3hrs)in the bottom of the airing cupboard - where it's dark and private.

The view from my favourite chair (it used to be HIS chair) is of gulls, rooks, pigeons, squirrels and a very large black cat. I hurl challenges to them all through the glass telling them I'll be after them as soon as my new catdoor has been fitted. Until then I try to keep fit by running 100m sprints 2 or 3 times a day, leap a high jump and hurdle obstacles. They have a sense of humour because I hear them laughing when I'm putting myself through my paces.

I think they have strict rules here. I made a faux pas on my first day; I jumped up on a kitchen worktop. He 'snitched' on me. She then hissed at me "Ssssssstop" so I jumped down. I've not been up there since. I KNOW when I'm being told off. We are used to each other now and haven't been told to "Ssssssstop" for ages. As I said, I think I will be happy here.

Love to all from


merry weather said...

Ah, so happy to read this! X

Penny Pincher said...

Thanks Kate X

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aww. Such a cute letter from Angel. This put a smile on my face. Your welcome at my house anytime. Just holler at me. lol ppc