Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What a pain in the neck

What a pain in the neck it is having to attend hospital appointments. Up early to leave to get to Exeter. Rushing along with the rush hour traffic we make it to Heavitree hospital by 8.50. MyMan is exhausted. Exhausted by depression. Exhausted with the effort of rising early enough to leave the house by 8 a.m. Exhausted by the nervous energy wasted on the journey.

Exhausted as he sat checking on all the other drivers. Exhorting me to 'watch out'; 'that one's changing lanes'; 'mind that car'; 'God, for a minute there I thought he wasn't going to stop'. I breathe a sigh of relief that all these possible threats of danger seem to be driven by males. MyMan calls on 'God' and 'Jesus' a great many times as a passenger. For a man who has no religious beliefs it's rather touching in a way.

I was hoping that a new larger safer car would reassure him. But it appears not. I'm not sure if the anxiety of being in a car adds to the pain he feels or whether the pain he feels adds to his fears. Pain being a perpetual reminder of his accident.

It's several years since he last had a pain management assessment. This time I sat in with him. He needs me to at least listen to what he is told. Besides my acting as his memory he needs motivation. Motivating to follow through with the suggested programme. The action plan is:
  1. A new pain relieving drug that will also help him sleep

  2. A 6 week course of acupuncture

  3. Physiotherapy to correct posture and tone muscles

He dreads the idea of the regular twice weekly journeys to Wonford and Heavitree hospitals. He was looking for an excuse to refuse the suggested treatments. He doesn't want to 'place more pressure' on me by taking him there each time. He doesn't want to ask a friend to taxi him there. nor to use the hospital car service. He's unable to use public transport.

There was also talk of a possible minor surgical procedure. But I'm just thinking of it by taking it one step at a time.


rosiero said...

I agree that one step at a time seems the sensible thing to do. When a problem seems insurmountable, cutting it up into smaller sections or stages makes it seem more manageable.

ChickPea said...

One step at a time is good.

Sleep will be good.

Acupuncture can be astonishing - and can be very effective - he'll only find out if he gives it a chance.

Physiotherapy to tone muscles and correct postural habits is an extremely sound and sensible approach.

6 weeks is just a month and a half - and for the chance of any benefit is certainly worth making the commitment.

Very best wishes and loadsaluv - keep us posted.

ladythinker said...

Thank you both. He is coming round to a more positive frame of mind thanks to his therapist. . I'll tell you more in a later post