Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Assisted Suicide

I was listening to the local radio phone in yesterday on the why's and wherefore's of legalising assisted suicide. I was in a cross crabby mood. 'Cobby' my grandmother would have called my mood. I've never heard the expression since she died in 1970. I assume it was an old Victorian Suffolk expression?

Anyway, I found myself thinking that it's a slippery slope to legalise assisted suicide. It would be too tempting sometimes. The mood I was in - if MyMan said he didn't think it was worth 'carrying on' or 'that life is pointless' again I might just have agreed with him and handed him the bullets.


Robert said...

I can appreciate the difficulties in legalising assisted suicide. But... If I ever feel like throwing in the towel and cannot do it by myself, I shall ask my family for help - but only if I'm sure that they won't be prosecuted for acceding to my request. I believe that I have the right to decide not to live, and my family should have the right to help me carry out my decision.

Difficult subject.

rosiero said...

I sue know what you mean!!!!

rosiero said...

Should have read " I SURE know what you mean!!